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  • Thunderbolt arrives for the UAD Apollo – huzzah!

    A large box for a small card. That image of the card is pretty close to “actual size” Further to my recent review of the UAD Apollo, I finally received my Apollo Thunderbolt interface card today. (More on what Thunderbolt is on Intel’s site and on Apple’s site) There’s a lot of chippage going on […]

  • Review – the UAD Apollo Duo

    UAD Apollo under laptop with heaps of UAD plug-ins showing It’s no secret I’ve been a fan of UAD since I purchased the little UAD-2 Solo/Laptop card. Since the Solo has only one of the SHARC plug-in processing chips in it, my plug-in demands quickly overloaded it. This was usually accompanied by the fiddly and […]

  • Digital Recording Levels – a rule of thumb

    Okay, I mentioned this as one of my tips in a previous post, but there’s confusion and many heated debates out there about the ideal level to record into your digital audio workstation. I’m just summing up the information readily available elsewhere (if you are willing to wade through endless online debates and the numerous […]