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Zed PhotoZed has had 30-something years in the music industry, mostly as musician, songwriter, studio engineer and producer, with marginally less time teaching others about audio-related topics

He spent nearly 16 years teaching audio, music software and game audio at MAINZ (Music and Audio Institute of New Zealand) in Auckland, where he was head of the Audio Department. He still does recording, mixing, producing and mastering projects, and has his own professional audio company – Brookes Audio Design.

He is a recognised expert in Logic Pro (with associated site Logic Pro For Smarties, and also has experience with Pro Tools (lots) and Ableton Live (a little). He runs Logic Pro short courses, and various Production for Songwriters type courses.

He completed his Master of Arts in Music a few years back, based around enhancing creativity in the home recording studio, and the associated “O Sweet Cacophony” album was released in 2016 (Available in all the usual places).

His main interest is in songwriting and song production, and has a number of collaborative and band projects in progress. Zed sings, plays bass, guitar, keys and Theremin, and is a dab hand on the tambourine.

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