Month: February 2009

  • Five Tips for increasing your Creativity

    Creativity flourishes under arduous conditions It’s no secret that some of the most amazing ideas come out at the most stressful or restrictive times and places. History is full of amazing art and writings that came from the most desperate and depressing times. Even the most procrastinistic (is that even a word?) amongst us has […]

  • No bass out of your home stereo?

    I don’t know how many times I visit friends’ places or go to parties and their stereo speakers are out of phase. Even worse – they don’t even seem notice how horrible they sound.They’re probably so used to it that they think that’s what the system’s MEANT to sound like. As an audio engineer, I […]

  • My Top 5 Essential Plugins

    Everybody has their own favourites, and here’s mine right at the moment. (It may change next week!) Melodyne Plug-InBecause I write and produce completed demos so fast (up to a song a week for a quite a while), I’m often generating vocals from one pass. Or starting my song idea from a sung vocal.So Melodyne […]